What to Consider when Installing Drywall

What to Consider when Installing Drywall

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Drywall is called in many names, including sheetrock, wallboard or gypsum board. Regardless of how you call it, it is simply a panel of gypsum core surrounded with paper backings. It is a popular wall and ceiling surfacing, replacing traditional plaster. It is because this material is cheaper, lighter and faster to install. It is not as hard as plaster, but is stronger. Drywall should not be a mystery to homeowners, because the principle is not so difficult to understand. If ever you want to have it installed, you can easily find the help of professional home drywall installers.

Choosing the Right Panel

What to Consider when Installing DrywallDrywall contractors can tell you the appropriate panel to use for a particular application. Sheetrock typically comes in 8 by 10 feet panels that are about half an inch wide. Thickness varies if it will be used for garages, basements and ceilings. Since it is composed of paper, it could be vulnerable to moisture. Thus, wet areas require green board or mold drywall. The latter is the mold resistant. They are designed to withstand high level of humidity. Cement board is also an ideal option. Contractors will ask about the location of where the drywall will be hanged.

Choosing the Right Structure

After choosing the correct panels, the installer can already hang the drywall. A wall frame is needed as a place to hang the gypsum board. Framing is an essential step, and so is selecting the material. For this, you will have two options. These are the wood and the metal studs. Wood is more commonly used between the two, since it is sturdy and more affordable. Another advantage is that it does not transfer energy, so it is better for heating or cooling than steel. Builders find wood easy to work with and thus is the preferred choice. On the other hand, metal studs or steel materials also offer benefits.

They do not rot and warp, and cannot be penetrated by termites and other pests, plus it’s fire-proof and reliable during earthquakes and other disasters. If an error is done during hanging, the material is not wasted because the screws will just have to be unscrewed.

You may also choose between a textured and a smooth drywall. This is part of drywall finishing. The joints are covered with joint tape or compound, and the surface is prepared for decoration. Common styles for textured drywall are knock down style, orange peel and popcorn. If you go for a smooth finish, you can choose between a painted or wallpapered surface.

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